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Match Probability Threshold
Determines how precise treats comparing drawn gestures to saved gestures. Higher number means your drwings must more closely match your saved gestures to be recognized.
Match Precision
How many points gestures are interpolated to before comparing against stored gestures.
Minimum Segment Length
How far the mouse must move before storing another point in the gesture.
Maximum Draw Points
Number of draw points until the oldest segments are erased from the visible drawing. This creates a streamer/chaser effect, does not affect gesture recognition.
Minimum Gesture Start Disance
Amount of distance required on stroke button press before considering that you are trying to draw a gesture.
Play Sound on No Match
When no match was found, the No Match Sound .WAV file is played.
External Script
This points ot a JavaScript file which is executed on start and reload of This is useful if you want to have a file of functions you want to be able to use in an external editor, or to store sensitive information for example.
Use Script Engine Pool
Strongly Recommended. Indicates a pool of script engines are used insted of instantiating a new script engine each time an action is performed.
Max Script Pool Size
How many script egines are available for processing scripts at any time. Note that each engine requires a decent amount of overhead, so don't set this too high unless your system can handle it and have a specific need.
Max Script Lock Attempts
How many times to try obtaining a script engine before giving up and discarding the script.

Other Settings

Disable Update Check
Prevents from checking the server for newer versions.
Only Allow Defined Apps
Prevents any Global Actions, only performs actions in defined Applications.
Enable Recognition on Mouse Wheel Scroll
Instructs to treat a mouse wheel event while drawing a gesture as somewhat equivalent to releasing the stroke button. This is useful for gestures where you have the mouse wheel defined as a modifier and you want to execute the action multiple times when the wheel is scrolled.
Relay Gesture on No Match
If no match was found, replay the mouse events including the stroke button down and mouse movements and stroke button release.
Relay Gesture on Timeout
If the Cancel Delay timeout has been reached, replay the mouse events including the stroke button down and mouse movements up to the current state.
Enable on No Ignore App Match
If is disabled due to an ignored app with Disable S+ if this App Gains Focus option enabled, this setting will re-enable if a non-ignored window becomes active. For example, you have S+ disable itself when you are playing a game, but when you tab out you want S+ to become active again.
Draw Surface Always on Top
Keeps the hidden gesture drawing surface window above all other windows. This is the recommended setting for performance reasons, but in some rare apps it can cause an issue as they think a window is above them and the won't render or react properly.
Send Draw Surface to Bottom
This would be the next option for performance, instead of hiding the drawing surface, which is more resource intensive when showing it again, this sends the window to the bottom of the stack. It is temporarily brought back to the front when a stroke button is pressed.
Check Cursor Flags
An obsure setting that had to do with detecting the flags of the mouse cursor. Probably will never be needed.
Show Display Change Message
Shows a popup message when display DPI settings are different, as this may not produce desired results when drawing.
Show Engine Lock Fail Message
Show an error message when a script fails to execute due to not being able to obtain a lock on a script engine.
Show Login Error Message
When you are logged into the forum via the Login tray icon menu and your cached credentials are not valid, show an error message.
Enable V8 Script Debugging*
Activates script debugging (requires a restart) which can be connected to via Chrome or other supported debuggers.
Set Foreground Lock Timeout*
When starts it shows a splash screen and calls AllowSetForegroundWindow which should ensure it can bring other windows into focus. This setting was used in the original StrokesPlus and updates the system metrics in a way that is probably not necessary. However, if you have issues with a window flashing on the taskbar instead of being brought to the foreground and activated, you can try this option. (requires restart)