We All Need a Hand Sometimes

You Can't See Me

Specify the qualifiers which define the ignored window. When you press a stroke button on an ignored window, will not interfere with the mouse input. Often times, the easiest way is to click and hold the search (magnifying glass) icon next to Module Name (EXE) with the left mouse button and release the mouse button when you are over the desired window. This will define the ignored window as anything running under that process.

All of the fields are treated as a logical AND, meaning each field which is not empty is used as part of the matching criteria. All fields must match to be considered within the ignored window definition.

Regular Expression (Use Regex)

You can use regular expressions to match any of the field criteria. This is especially helpful when you want to match more than just one program. If the Use Regex box is checked, will consider the value in that field to be a regular expression.

Other Options

Disable S+ if this App Gains Focus
Automatically disables whenever a window which meets the criteria gains focus (becomes the foreground window). This is useful for games or virtual machines. Check the Enable on No Ignore App Match box under Options » Advanced to have re-enable itself when you change to a non-ignored window.