We All Need a Hand Sometimes

Training Day

Create your own gestures or train the existing ones to better match based on your drawing style.

You can create or train gestures in a few ways:

  1. Right-click the taskbar tray icon and select Training Mode. Once active, every time you hold down the stroke button and draw a gesture, you will be prompted to create a new gesture if there was no match found, or update the matched gesture with the pattern just drawn.
  2. Middle-click the taskbar tray icon to toggle Training Mode.
  3. Click the Add or Train Gesture toolbar or context menu item in the Gestures section of the Settings window.
  4. Click the New Gesture... button in the Select Gesture window, which is accessed within the Action Editor panel.

You can add as many gestures or patterns to an existing gesture that you like. Just be aware that more gestures and more patterns within gestures means more overhead when analyzing potential gesture matches.