We All Need a Hand Sometimes

General Settings

Stroke Button
Sets the primary stroke button (duh).
Secondary Stroke Button
Within an action you can check the Use Secondary Stroke Button to make the action bound to this button instead of the primary stroke button.
Ignore Key
Set none or more keys to be an ignore key. When an ignore key is held, won't capture the stroke button down event.
Cancel Delay
Defines how long will wait before timing out and replaying the mouse events to the current point as if you had disabled. If you have Reset on Movement or Modifiers checked, the timer is reset each time you move the mouse or press a modifier.
Reset on Movement or Modifiers
Resets the Cancel Delay timer when a modifier is pressed or the mouse is moved.
Stroke Width
How thicc the gesture line is when drawing.
Stroke Opacity
Transparency of the stroke line when drawing.
Stroke Colors
The, uh, color of the drawings based on which stroke button is held. Nobody is really reading this, right?
Draw Gesture
Whether or not gestures are visible/drawn.
Rocker Support
Enables a specific feature to allow for mouse rocker gestures, which are only supported for rolling between the left and right mouse buttons. Create two actions without a gesture selected, one with Left click as the modifier and Capture Modifiers set to Before, and another action with the same Left modifier but Capture Modifier as After. Then you can hold either the LEft or Right mouse button and press the opposite mouse button repeatedly to execute the actions multiple times. This is generally useful for navigating back and forward in a web browser.
Always Activate Window Where Gesture Began
Pretty self-explanatory, but just makes sure the window is activated before running the action script.
Relay Mouse Wheel Events
Not really needed anymore, but it lives on for older version of Windows where you had to make a window active before scrolling the mouse wheel would scroll.
Activate Window Under Mouse Wheel
When scrolling the mouse wheel over a window which is not active, this would make it active.