We All Need a Hand Sometimes

Getting Into It

Actions are comprised of a few things:

  1. Gesture (optional)
  2. Modifiers (optional)
  3. Region (if applicable)
  4. Stroke Button
  5. Script

When you perform a gesture or modifier combination while holding either the primary or secondary stroke button, examines all actions to see if any match the criteria, then execute the winner. If no match could be found, no action is performed.

For most people, you will simply select a gesture and define the script to execute, but the number of actions using the same gesture can be dramatically increased by leveraging modifiers and regions.

Action Precedence

It's important to understand the processing order of how matches actions.

Scenario: You have defined a Notepad application with an action that uses the P gesture, and you also have a Global Action which uses the P gesture. If you draw the P gesture while in Notepad, only the Notepad action will be executed. In any other window, the Global Action for the P gesture will be executed.

This general rule applies anywhere there is ambiguity between settings; the most specific match will take precedence over a more general one.