What's in the Box‽

Gesture Hints

Hints allows you to see what application and action has matched based on the drawing as you go


Easy to use Steps for simple tasks or novice users

Global Action - Play

Sends the keyboard command for Play/Pause

Global Actions - Settings

Define a custom cancel delay, gesture regions, and before/after scripts

Text Expansion - SQL Select

In SSMS, typing "sel" and pressing the space key expands the text to "select * from "


Record your own macros to help you create powerful mouse and keyboard automation

Global Actions - Mouse Events

Define custom scripts to execute when certain mouse events occur

Scipt Help

Quick reference for built-in script functions and objects

Global Actions - Load/Unload Scripts

Enable scripts to run when loads (or reloads) and when the program exits

Application Action

Applications can have their own specific gestures

Application Definition - With Region

One or more qualifiers define what constitutes an application.

Application Action - With Region

Actions can be associated with one or more regions

Gesture List

Manage all gesture drawings in one place

Gesture - Patterns

View all stored patterns (via training) with ability to delete

Gesture - Select

From an action, you select a gesture

Gesture - New

Or create a new gesture by drawing it

Gesture - Add

Select from the existing list to add to the patterns, or type a name to save a new gesture

Floater - Definition

Floaters are very useful for touch screens

Floaters - Primary/Secondary

Use your finger to draw from the main S+ floater, or a secondary to simulate a modifier key

Floaters - Menu

Floater menu allows you to set options without leaving your application

Floaters - Customize Layout

Undock, enable keymode, and place your floaters wherever they best work for you

Hot Keys

Define hot keys to execute scripts for mouse free automation

Ignore List

Define controls, certain windows, or entire applications which should not interfere with the mouse at all

Options - General

Set your stroke button(s), colors, and other options

Options - Hints

Customize how and where gesture drawing hints are displayed

Options - Touch

Control the display of secondary floaters and fine tune the settings used for floaters

Options - Text Expansion

Select your trigger keys, manage the event timing, and clipboard handling options

Options - Exclusion Zones

Define areas of the screen or window which should be ignored

Options - Advanced

Get under the hood to tweak internals as you need


Import and export some or all of your settings