An Acronym for Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring over my StrokesPlus settings and scripts?

Unfortunately not. StrokesPlus.net is a complete rewrite from the ground up and there are no functions available to import your old settings or scripts.


Why should I use this instead of the original StrokesPlus?

Aside from the fact that it looks better, it inherently supports Unicode which is huge for non-English users. There's also the new scripting capabilities and plug-in support to greatly increase the power and flexibility of scripts. There are many other enhancements as well which make StrokesPlus.net a more modern application.


What kind of scripting language is used?

JavaScript is the language used for scripts, however ClearScript creates a bridge between the JavaScript and the built-in functions, including much of the .NET Framework.


I don't know how to write scripts. How am I supposed to use StrokesPlus.net?

StrokesPlus.net is definitely geared toward advanced users with some scripting knowledge. However, there are many examples included, a Script Help window, the forums, and the Discord server for real-time chat for help from myself or someone else in the community.


Is StrokesPlus.net free? Can I use it at work?

Yes, StrokesPlus.net is free to use in personal and professional environments without limitation. I may create a membership system to enable some convenience features, but those would not inhibit the core functionality of StrokesPlus.net in any way nor restrict business use.


Does StrokesPlus.net transmit any data to the Internet?

Under two optional conditions:

  1. If you have Update Check enabled. When this is enabled, StrokesPlus.net transmits your current version of StrokesPlus.net and the first MAC address on your system. The MAC address is only used for metrics on my part, as I really have no idea of knowing how many people are actually out there using StrokesPlus.net.
  2. If you click Login from the tray icon. This will transmit your forum username and password (over SSL) to authenticate your forum account.


Can I sell StrokesPlus.net or include it with a commercial product?

No. StrokesPlus.net cannot be sold or used for commercial gain without express permission. See the included license for more details.